Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bob's Sporting Goods 5 Day

With the 5 Day coming up in early September, it is time to get geeked up and check out the Long Range reports. Permits for the Island have been issued. Check out the report from the Angler

Fri. Aug 24, 2007

Right Place At The Right Time

This year's albacore fishing has been very frustrating. There has been no lack of fish, but finding them during bite time has been a challenge. Today we were able to take advantage of the good weather and sharp eyes of the crew. They kept us running on spots of fish under birds pretty much all day. We had steady stops with one of them producing 50 fish. Today's picture is a few of the guys yucking it up as the mood on deck was FUN.

Feeling Fortunate,

The Guys

You can check out the Daily Sat Feed from the boat on the American Angler Fishing Reports
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See you on the Water

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