Saturday, May 31, 2008

9 Tamiya Fishing Pictures

Sharon Tamiya
Date: Sat, May 31, 2008 at 6:51 PM
Subject: 9 Tamiya Fishing Pictures

!!Wow!! Check out the following picture from our good friends Sharon and Dick Tamiya. Exotic!!!!

These are pictures from two different trips. First two are the Tiger Fish,that I caught on the Lower Zambezi, South Africa. Third pic of the guide boat, used in Darwin Australia and pic 4 and 5 are of my wife with a nice size Barramundi,caught there. Pic 6, is the surf fishing along the Indian Ocean, South Africa. Pic 7 is me with a King Fish caught on one of the boats. Back to Australia, pic 8, me with a "whatever" caught in Darwin Australia


Great Shots Dick - Thanks for sending em.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Curtis Rosenthal American Angler 1.5 Dayer

Eliza and Captain Brian

Evening Folks

Got RockCod? We did on our 1.5 Day trip on the American Angler with Captain Brian Kiyohara and the crew. We had a great group with a gang of new folks to the boat along with the Usual Suspects.

Eliza and Cerina


Brothers Campbell George and Joe

Jim, Jeff, and Bryan

RockCod School

Bernie and Ken

John, Marc, and Bryan

The group was geeked to go fishing wanting to get their licks in on the 08 RockCod Season. The plan was to run down the beach and fish below the fleet on some of the stones off Colonet for RockCod Critters. We had good weather the entire trip, an outstanding group, and the usual great service from Brian and the Crew. It was good times.


Jeffrey On

Ray on the move


Jim Schwartz

Not sure what this is?

Scotty Calder

Skull and CrossBones




Strike a Pose
Captain Taro and Jay - Red


Joe and Jeff

Family Talk

Fishing was good in the morning. We ended up with a grip load of Reds, Staries, Lings, White Fish, a Sheephead, and a couple of nice yellows. After the morning session, we went offshore with news of yellows under the paddies. We stopped on a few and managed a few Bonitos.

We want to thank the following folks for their generous donations for our trip.

Bob Hoose

Ron Marlin Kawaja

Matt Sautter

David Rosenthal and Bob Hara

Thanks again Lori and the Amercian Angler Crew for another stellar time. The "New Kids on the Block" really enjoyed their first trip on the Angler, and the regulars had a great time coming back to their familiar scene. The o8 Season is here - Let's Go fish!!!

Cerralvo pics

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 1:22 PM
To: Bob Hara; Ernie B; Matt Sautter; Bucher Ernest; Garrett Todd; yamada; Phil Lindholm
Subject: Cerralvo pics

What's up guys,

Some pics from the past week. There was a pretty good jig bite when you could get to the spots. Yellows, amberjacks, huachinango and cabrilla were all chewing, also the biggest sierra I have ever seen. 6X Salas was the money jig for me and pops was killing it on a CP105. We got absolutely demolished by some of the amberjacks.



Great trip G
Ed has got to be fired up after that trip.........Exotics galore.

on the Salas - the Original Salas Lure