Saturday, October 31, 2009

BSG American Angler November 10 Day - Making It Happen Captain!!!

Evening Folks

The November Bob's Sporting Goods 10 Day on the American Angler is coming up very soon and I am starting to Get Geeked Up for the trip. Variety is what Sammy always says about a 10 Day, It is all about Variety. I really enjoy being in Baja in the Fall and really look forward to the adventure.

Jig Stick...Check.....Salas Jigs...Check....50 lb? Check.....60 lb...Check....130 lb...Check. Getting ready for the trip is part of the fun. The World Wide Web adds to the Geek Factor with the On the Water Reports from the boats on the grounds. Check out the images from the American Angler Website on the Sports Chalet trip.

Just enough good weather for some nice action

Getting a little break from the weather this morning, we were fortunate enough get a taster on the elusive wahoo. Jig strikes and a frenzy of exciting hook-ups, bites and bite-offs can best describe the morning's action. The wahoo bite was not long lived, so by mid-day we found ourselves wandering north and capping off the afternoon yanking and cranking on some nice grade yellowtail. With the weather still in our favor, we are continuing north looking for a strong finish in the final days of the trip.

Today's photo shows team 2 after one of our morning stops, with Bill Randall proudly displaying his pending IGFA line class record wahoo that unfortunately was terminally wounded in the heat of battle.

Wed. Oct 28, 2009

Today we woke up to our new scenery and were able to sit on the anchor all day. With beautiful fishing conditions, things felt right but after a few hours of the morning, it was apparent that today was one of those days where rail time was a must. Scratching all day on four different kinds of species - from tuna up to 95lbs to those pesky wahoo made it all the more fun not knowing what your bite might be.

With the weather not in our favor, we are going to pick it up and change area codes once again.
In today's photos, Richard Tanaka shows off one of his better tuna for the day and Mr.Bob snyder shows off his first skin of the trip.

See you guys after Turkey Day

Wes Davis - Billfish Royal Slam Club

From: Mark Davis
Sent: October 2009
Subject: FW: Wes Davis Billfish Royal Slam

A proud moment. MD

Hey Gang

Shop Regulars Mark and Wes Davis with some fantastic news - It is Official
It is a proud moment for all - Nice

A Huge Accomplishment for Wes - Congrats!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rancho Las Cruces BCS Part II

Greg Stoney - Cerralvo Phatty

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: Tuesday, October 2009
To: bob hara
Cc: matt sautter; Robert N. Hara; Todd Garrett; Phil Lindholm
Subject: Re: Rancho Las Cruces BCS

It was a great trip Bob! thanks for the pics.

Here's a couple of pics of the fatty that Christy and I got on Sat., gaffing that one solo was kinda fun...

Stoney AKA Culo Cagado

Classic Stoney Stern Shot

No - Thank you Stoney for a Ripper Trip down to Las Cruces. Deluxe!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rancho Las Cruces BCS - 8 in 3 Days

The Haras - Wahoooooooooo

Hola Amigos

I wanted to share some images from my recent trip down to Rancho Las Cruces Baja Ca Sur. A really cool spot to fish the exotics and an awesome spot to get away from the Rat Race of our Day to Day. This place is full speed 100% Deluxe when it comes to Location, Amenities, and First Class Service.

I was pretty fired up to fish days before the trip with Visions of Wahoo on the Brain 24/7. This was the first time I had gone to Las Cruces in October and was curious to see if we could hook a Wahoo or two. Jessica and I rolled down to Las Cruces with my long time fishing bud Greg Stoney and his wife Christy We were greeted to the Ranch with a squall of rain from a passing hurricane. The rain passed and we off to the races trolling our usual spots.


Grey Light to the Island

Jessica Hara and Greg Stoney - Dorado

Now wer talkin................


Island View

Jessica's New "Atomic Dog" Friend

Sun Downer on the Embarcadero

Las Cruces

Day 2 Wahoo

Lookie Here.........

Afternoon Trolling Scenes

The Dorado were thick on the high spots making it tough to target Mr. Wahoo. The line would start to rip off the troller, then it would start to bounce and we would turn our heads to see the flat bouncing in the air like a rag doll . D'oh Nothing wrong with Dodos...We were just after the Hoos....Time of Day

Funny how I would always "hear things" on the long trolls like a screaming clicker or a ZIP Blast of line off the spool of the reel. The vibrating Coke can rolling around the deck of the panga was always good to make you turn and look at the trolling gimmicks.....



Boom Boom POW

Tools of the Trade

Las Cruces Beach Scene - Ocean Front Walk

Chillin in the Afternoon

Happy Hour on the Patio

The recent rains made the landscape nice and green

Day 3 - Quality

The day started out slow, but we kept at it and we found the ones that wanted to bite. Time of Day is what we learned. Keep pounding the high spots and one of them is bound to make a mistake.


Double Up - Boom Boom POW

We had a nice double late in the day. It went pretty smooth with four trollers out and two hanging, but we were talking about How Wrong it could have went.......

Wahoo Abuse
ABUNAI! (Dangerous)

We ended up with over 20 Dorado, 1 Yellow Fin Tuna, and 8 Nice Wahoo for 3 days on the Troll. Stoney has the wahoo fishing gig pretty wired. 35 Years of Experience fishing the Island really shows. Stoney stayed a few extra days so stayed tuned for another report. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.........

Thanks again G for a Great Trip - - Boom Boom Pow!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cedros Adventures Fall Images

Jeffrey Rodriguez

From: Jeffrey
Sent: Saturday, October 10, 2009 8:00 AM
To: Carl; Bob Hara

Subject: You have received photos from Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2

Here are a couple shots from the trip. That's a 44 pounder for the big guy!

Coolers full of Yellows and and smiles all around. Another great trip for Jeff.