Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Anacapa yesterday

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 9:47 AM
To: Bob Hara; Garrett Todd; Phil Lindholm; Tim March; Jay Maeda; Matt Sautter
Subject: Anacapa yesterday

What's up guys,

It sounds like you guys had a very cool trip with Shaun. Did he let you drop the 10 hook ganion?

I managed to get out yesterday, unfortunately I blanked on the bank perch and chilis. I did find one biter though... 37# on the CP105


What a Phatty!!!!!

Nice Job Stoney

Monday, December 29, 2008

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Aloha Spirit

Shig Getting "Shiggy" with a Nice Chili

Hey Gang

Check out the pictures from the Jay Maeda Charter Aboard the Aloha Spirit out of Oxnard CA. Captain Shawn Steward and Crew provided a great day of fishing up the Beach. It was limit fishing for the Chili Peppers and the group was stoked. Man, I was stoked for the fishing and the great weather.

There was a bit of wind on the water in the Grey, but it turned out to be "Morning Sickness" where the Ocean greased out to a Flat Calm Sea. It was pretty brutally cold in the morning, but it turned into TShirt Weather by Mid-Morning.



We had one bite that woke everyone up on deck. John hooked into something on his Cod Rig that ripped off just about all of his 30 lb. on his Newell.

After about 10 Minutes, the line frayed and all was lost. The 30 lb was no match for what we thought was a Thresher. Nice Fight. Who needs a cup of coffee after watching that.

CharterMaster Maeda with a Nice One - I see you Ernie...

Ernie with a Nice Chili / Bankie Combo

The JackPot Scramble - Mine is Bigger...

Jackpot Day for Jay

After an action packed day of Codding and a Couple of BreakFast Burritos, some Grilled Pastrami Sandos, and add in a few Cheese Burgers, the Group was wiped out after the fun day on the Water. Jesse in the Galley Cooks up a M ean Griddle.

We all want to thank Shawn and Crew for an Awesome Trip on the Aloha Spirit. Check him out in 09 if you want to get into some good Northern Island Fishing. He runs a top notch operation and is Living Life with a True Aloha Spirit.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Brace Of Supercows

Hey Gang

I was surfing the web tonight and came across this great report courtesy of Bill Roecker of Fishing Videos.Com. Kevin Osborne docked Intrepid at Pt. Loma Sportfishing December 18 following a 10-day trip with 24 anglers.

We got the big fish from a school that was hit by at least one other boat that hooked and lost one,” remarked Osborne. He was referring to the pair of tuna his anglers caught that went over 300 pounds. The big one came in at 341.6 pounds, caught by Bill Dunn of Malibu, whose best previous tuna went about 120 pounds.

“He hit after a long soak,” said Bill, “about 3:30 p.m. He seemed slow to move off, like a dorado, until the line came tight. It was just a battle. He stayed close, and at the end, after an hour and a half, he came up in the port stern, after he took me around the boat four times. This was my first opportunity on a big fish.”

Dunn said he baited a sardine on a 6/0 ringed Super Mutu hook on 130-pound Momoi leader and 130-pound Momoi Spectra. He fished with an Avet 50 N reel and a Calstar 6465 XH rod built by Bob’s Sporting Goods in West LA.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bob's Sporting Goods 11 Day on the AA

Jackpot winners:
1st place: Joel Akamine 157.0lbs Yellowfin Tuna
2nd place: Jay Maeda 135.0lbs Yellowfin Tuna
3rd place: Larry Bolan 131.0lbs Yellowfin Tuna
(From the American Angler Website)

Bob's Sporting Goods Trip is home

This 11 day adventure returned with a plentiful load of school size tuna, along with some nice 100lbers and then they finished off the trip with a great day of yellowtail fishing for variety in the bag. A Huge thanks to Mike Naoe of Bob's Sporting Goods and onboard sponsor, Jay. And of course, to all the passengers - the guys who come every year and the passengers getting their feet wet for the first time on this trip, thank you all so much!

Well Done Gang.....What a great trip.

Friday, December 5, 2008



Check out the latest report from the American Angler Fishing Reports. CharterMaster Jay Mayeda, Greg Stoney, and "UL" Uncle Larry are on the trip.

Keep in touch with the Boys be visiting the American Angler Website

Chasing the Rainbow for the Larger Units - Good luck to you guys.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bodega Bay Crab/Rock Combo

Jay Mayeda - On the Crab

Jay and Dr. Eugene made a run up to Northern California for a mixed bag of Crab and Rock Fish fun. The area was north of Bodega Bay fishing out of a Center Console with good weather and flat calm Catalina Green style water. The pictures tell a pretty good story of the trip.

Full Rack

And a Main Course to Boot

"We were fishing the Reds in 30 ft of water, just like fishing for Calicos in the Weeds. The fish were in the Bull Kelp and it would be tough when you get kelped. They liked the Swimbaits biting on the drop. Specta on the Bass Gear was all you needed.

Super Sized Crab

Oh - who has the Shoyu?

What a Pig....Biggie Smalls

Mystery Spot?

Looks like fun

The Gal on the right looks really stoked to be in the line up.

......Now she looks Even More Stoked

Thanks for the pictures Jay. Just like going to "Red Lobster" for a combo platter of Crabbie Patties and Reds.

Nicely Done....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

55# yella

From: stewart
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 2:19 PM
To: rhara@curtisrosenthal.com

Subject: 55# yella

Hay Bob, got off the freedom Monday morn. 1 1/2 day cortez bank ,I caught a 55# yella. on a 6x jr. scrambled egg.

Fall Yellow out at Cortez on the Freedom
Very Respectable!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cerralvo Fishing

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: Thursday, October 2008
To: Bob Hara; Bucher Ernest; Garrett Todd;
Subject: cerralvo fishing

Whats up bros,

I fished down at Las Cruces the past week with my pops, we got on the wahoo
pretty good, along with tuna and a few dodos. The grade of wahoo was pretty
nice, with several 75+# fish and a real monster that chewed off about 10'
from the boat, just to keep us humble.

The week prior to leaving I was concerned that Norbert and Odile were going to serve up some weather helmet for the trip but that didn’t materialize. We got into La Paz and drove out to Rancho Las Cruces where there was just a little chop and windswell left over from the norte wind that followed the chubasco. We dropped the panga in the water and geared up to fish Cerralvo the next morning

We got out to the zone not long after sunrise and dropped in a couple of marauders short and jet heads long. It didn’t take long to get ripped, but the fish didn’t stick, the teeth marks on the lure left no doubt what had bit. Not long after that we had another biter and put it on the boat

We checked out a few areas that usually produce, some had lots of life while others had cool, green water. We ended up the first day with a few tuna and wahoo, and a good idea where to start the next day. The following day started off right with a nicer grade hoo.

Fishing continued like this for the rest of the week, with wahoo, some tuna and a few smaller dorado every day. Some of the wahoo were real pigs in the 75# class. The water conditions and spread of fish seemed to improve through the week.

We were able to get a few tuna and a wahoo on the jig after a troll bite, but most the fish came on marauders and jet heads. As usual with wahoo there were a bunch that came unbuttoned, sometimes after the first run, sometimes with a headshake a few feet from the gaff and we actually let two smaller ones go by hooking the lure out with the gaff. We did some diving too and saw some nice fish but didn’t get anything on the spear.

In the evening there was good fishing off the beach for sierra, ladyfish and little roosters and toro, along with ice cold pacificos.

Life down at the Ranch Incredible Fishing!!
Thanks for the sending me the pictures Stoney............Well Done

Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 day RP.Sept 12-19 Brandon @ the Rocks

Photo Courtesy of the Royal Polaris

Brandon Shimahara at the Rocks

From: Steve Shimahara
Date: Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 5:38 PM
Subject: 7 day RP. trip sept 12-19
To: bob.bobssportinggoods@gmail.com

I wanted to thank all the guys from bsg for getting my son Brandons rods done b4 his trip saw you guys returning off your 5day AA. trip.

Brandon had the trip of his life caught fish from sun up till sun down a trip he will always remember the ROCKS were great fishing for yft1s all you wanted yellows and a hand full of whahoo and dorado here are sum pictures i wanted to share wit the guys and a big thanx for the rods.... Steve Shimahara

I'm sure most of you were wondering ... and yes he missed school but Frank made sure he did his homework..lol

Hey Steve and Brandon. Man - what a great trip. Sorry for the late post (my bad) Those are great pictures and thank you very much for sharing with the group. Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Bob Hara
Bob's Sporting Goods Blog Dude
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