Monday, September 15, 2008

BSG on the American Angler

Jackpot winners:
1st place: Mike Escobar 33.2lbs Yellowtail
2nd place: Greg Stoney 29.8lbs Yellowtail
3rd place: Jon Ichino 29.8lbs Yellowtail

Hey Gang - We just got back from our BSG 5 Dayer on the American Angler out of Pt Loma CA. Mike Naoe of Bob's Sporting Goods rolled as our CharterMaster for the trip, and we had Captain Sam Patella at the helm. There were a number of new faces in the crowd who were fired up for a few days of fishing off the coast of Baja. Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail were on everyone's brain.

Mike, G Stoney, Bob, and the Honorable Matt of Salas Lures

Maui Built Sam ready for the Family Talk

"OK guys.....Here is the Gameplan for tomorrow. We are going to run down the beach to Colonet for Yellowfin.......I also heard about the contest you guys had last year............OK?"

JigStick Raffle Rod Winner Tony - Just Stoked

The Surprised Suzie Tanji with her winning Raffle Rod JigStick
(Good Grief - I am now officially 0 - 7 for NOT winning a Raffle Rod)

Larry aka "UL" ready for action

Just a sample of Mike Naoe's Art - Money

Colonet - We rolled down to Colonet and hung a few nice Yellowfin early on day 1. Our bite was cut short by the arrival of some rather enourmous Humbolt Squid. You thought you hooked a nice tuna then you start to notice the lack of headshakes and a familiar steady pull of heavy weight on the end of your line. Those things were bigger than the Ahi. Time to BreakOut....

Bobby - TunaHeart Look

Isla San Benitos - Our next move was down to Isla San Benitos for some Yellowtail Action. We anchored up at 2Am and the group started off with some Dropper Loop Fishing. Hard work at the rail paid off for Mike Escobar and John "Johnny-Chino" Ichino both scoring a couple of beauties in the dark.


On the Iron - Salas WLA Special Srambled Egg

A Very Happy Fred

Mike Naoe - Bob's Sporting Goods

Russ with a Good One

Matthew and Captain Sam - on the Plug

Liwei ButterFly Catchin
Check out the Double Hookup on the ButterFly Rig

Greg Stoney - Biggie On the Surface Plug

"Hey Sam. Is that your Psycho Plug Throwing Group? - Royal Star
"Yup, it sure is. You know what? They have Death written all over their faces" - American Angler
"OK - see you in San Pablo" - Royal Star

Bust a Move

San Pablo Bay - We shot down to San Pablo Bay for a ripper morning bite on Yellowtail. Sam was commenting to us on how he hasn't seen this a bite like this in Bay in over 20 years. Old Times. Just take a look at the Machine and you can get and idea on the volume of fish. We filled our limits in no time.

Fred Bent


John ON - Salas Style

Uncle Larry GAMEFACE - GiT eR dOnE!!!


Shop Talk

Punta Colonet - We got word that the Tuna off Colonet were biting and it was time to make a run up the coast. The move paid off with a Double HUMP of Ahi in the RSW. The Gang was very happy to cap off their catch of grip of fresh AHI.
Everyone was STOKED, including Sam with his BraveHeart Look during one of our stops.

Homeward Bound - WaffleTime

The Central Valley Crew - It was a Pleasure.

The New School of Long Range

Get the real story about our adventure by checking out the Fishing Reports on the American Angler Website.

Hats off to Captain Sam Patella and the Crew of the American Angler for a great 5 days. These guys run a top notch operation and it is always a pleasure fishing with the guys. And a Big Round of Applause to Lori Patella for all of her help in the Office. We want to thank you all for the Good Times on the Angler

"Ain't we lucky we got em.....Good Times ahhhhhhhhhhhay yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh"
- - - Dyno-Mite!!!!!!!