Saturday, October 27, 2007


Greg Stoney

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: October 2007
Bob Hara
Subject: Las Cruces last week

What's up guys,

I fished last week with my Dad down at Las Cruces, we were hoping for a few wahoo, and we found them. The first day we ran across the channel to La Reinita, dropped in a couple of marauders short and jet heads long and began working our way up the island. About 15 minutes later we got ripped on a jet head and had the first hoo in the boat.

We worked that area and the usual ridges, dropoffs and pinnacles all the way up to La Reina and by mid afternoon we had 3 wahoo and a few dorado, with a couple other wahoo bites that didn't stick. There seemed to be a nice spread of fish at all of the spots. We were stoked on that catch and pretty much stuck to the same plan for the rest of the week and scored 3 to 7 hoos a day with a few tuna and dorado mixed in. Most of the fish were from 35# to 50# or so but we did have a 73# and a 64#. We ended up with 21 or 22 wahoo in 5 days, the last day we found the nugget and left them biting after putting 7 in the boat

Dr. Ed Stoney

Most of the wahoo came on the troll, but I did get a couple on the 6X jr after we got the troll fish, and we did have a few double jig strikes and one triple where we got two out of the three. I'm sure we could have scored more on the jig but it's hard when you get bit with only two guys in the boat. We did see free swimming fish after getting troll bit a few times, nothing looks as cool as a lit up wahoo charging your jig!

We never made it down to the ripper tuna bite off the lighthouse, we stayed in the upper zone and saw very few other boats. We were able to get over to Cerralvo 5 out of 6 days, one day had a pretty juicy swell out of the north so we stayed along the beach and found a nice dorado under a dead dolphin off bird rock.

Las Cruces Wahoo

Ernie- The straight 80# dacron and single strand wire is the shit!, I guess we got about 75%-80% of our troll fish into the boat and those hooks were buried! The 200# fluoro worked well on the jet heads. no bite offs at all.

Marlin were pretty thick most everywhere, but we never messed with them, Chavalito, who drives the Las Cruces panga did pick up a nice sail. We loaded up all of our local friends at Las Cruces with fillets and stuffed ourselves silly with wahoo, margaritas peligrosas and pacificos.

It was soooo hard to leave yesterday, but the norte wind finally came with a vengeance Sunday night and it was good to get the boat safely back on the


That is pretty cool Stoney
Looks like you and Dr. Ed had a great time

Wahoo Art by Jessica Hara

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Seven for the Day

From: Todd Garrett
Sent: October 2007
To: Bob Hara
Subject: more t-sharks

7 Threshers for the day
All Catch & Released
150 lb unit average

Nice Job Todd
Sounds like they were stacked up

See you on the Water

Monday, October 8, 2007

You Have Got to be Kidding Me?

Hey Gang

Yet another great report from Steve Shimahara and Brandon the Fishing Machine. Hokie Smokes. The kid is having a great year.

Man. When I was Brandon's age, all I remember was getting into trouble at Saturday Japanese School for putting thumb tacks on the kids chairs in my class. I think I might have put one on the teachers chair and really got it..........

Date: Oct 8, 2007 6:13 PM

Wanted to let all the fellow fisherman know the season is not quite over yet. Just returned from a day and half this morning (Monday oct 8) fishing on Dave Ikeda`s boat the Endeavor approx. 60-70 miles nw of San Diego. David took us to the butterfly. Our count for the day was around 70 yftuna, 6 albacore, and 1 stripped marlin

For all the guys who have hung it up for the season - - - DON'T cuz there's No saying No to Brandon. Just way too much to explain but everyone including dad here was in awe watching and hearing him all day. On this day he did by far out fish everyone. Yes, a little on the smaller side but the fellow BSG Guys know Brandon and he did not quit. Good fishing or not he does show what fishing is all about and has fun weather hes catching or just being on the boat

Dad now has some leverage when school projects don't get done or chores cuz he is really hooked on this sport. The pictures tell it all guys and those of you have fished with him know he enjoys every bit of this hobby.........

Steve Shimahara

Mini Cow

Bob thanks for doing all the hard work on this website. A real good freind of mine wanted to drop you a line and say "Hi". Sanford Morita. He is one of Brandon's mentors, a friend, and fellow fisherman.


WUT?? Sanford Morita???? You got to be kidding me!!!!

Sanford and I go way back to the days of playing CYC Little League Baseball together for the Westside Dodgers. Scott Okamura's father Ed was our Coach, and the honorable Al Morita was our team sponsor/manager. Rancho Cienega Park and Hamilton High School was Home Turf.

Those were the days man. My Rice Burning 1971 Datsun 510......Earth Wind and Fire....Charlie's Angels.....Pop I better stop before this really gets embarrassing.......

Sanford is an outstanding individual to have as a friend on deck and mentor for Brandon. Next time you run into Sanford, please tell him I said Hello.

What a trip.....It really goes to show you we really do live in a small world

Thanks for the report Steve and Brandon

Signing off for Now

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Steve Danziger PV Tuna Report

Geeeeez Steve
Just putting the wood to the Big Tuna off PV

Money Shot

Steve Danziger
Date: Oct 2, 2007 10:55 PM
Subject: PV---Another cow at 291lbs!!!!

Here's another one with max drag being applied on Sunday September 30, plus my buddy got a 265 and a 450 lb blue marlin. This is my 3rd YFT over 290 in 5 weeks and I'm still not in the 300 lb club.....very soon hopefully

Monster Fish
Nice Job Steve

Thanks for the email
Keep em coming