Friday, November 30, 2007

Bob's 10 Day American Angler on the Tuna Grounds

Hello OffShore SportsFans

Check out the reports from the American Angler for the Bob's 10 Day Trip.
It looks they are having a great time fishing on the Tuna Grounds down off Mag Bay.

Below are some nice shots of the trip.

294 - hooked by John Liu and teamlanded by Jay and Liwei.


Uncle Larry Just Stoked

Jim Hall - a 212lb Yellowfin.


Mag Bay Fall Time Tuna Madness
Those are some Quality Tuna

Many Thanks to the American Angler for another Great Trip.

Montauk Point - Bass and Blues

From: Bryan A. Kenny
Date: Nov 26, 2007 12:09 PM
Subject: Montauk Point - Bass and Blues
To: "Robert N. Hara"


Here are a few pictures of our outing back in mid-November off of Montauk Point – an area I haven’t fished since I was a kid. My brother, Marc, and I hooked up with long time childhood friend, John Grant and his father who organized the outing with their friends, Captain Bob Grau and mate Robbie Grau.

Bob's - East Coast

Day started calm as ever only to grow to some very sloppy, raining, and cold conditions…add a little diesel smell into the mix and the chum was easy to come by.

Nevertheless, as you can see we were able to land a few striped bass as well a handful of blue fish – trolling and jigging. Many thanks to Captain Bob Grau and his son/mate, Robbie, who kept us in the right spot to land some delicious fish and a few great memories.

Thanks for the report Bryan.
Nice Catch

PV Marlin

From: Scott Brickell
Nov 27, 2007 5:17 PM,

Here's a nice Puerto Vallarta Black Marlin

Thanks Scott

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jackpot on the Spirit of Adventure

Check it out SportsFans
The Cows are back on the Southern Banks.

From: matt sautter []
Tuesday, November 20, 2007 5:12 PM
bob; jerry c reese; paul prichard; steve fukutaki; bruce; Mosby; Manuel Vasquez Jr.; Luis
Subject: 11 dayer

268# er.....

Spoken in True Salas Style......

On the Spirit of Adventure
Matt Salas with a Beautiful 268 lb Model on the 100lb Gear

Looking Good Matt

Happy Turkey Day to All

Channel Island Yellows

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: November 2007
To: Bob Hara; Ernie B; Garrett Todd; Hara Todd; Phil Lindholm; Tim March; Keegan Cooke; Kent Smith
Subject: Anacapa yesterday

What's up guys,

Tim, you're not going to like this....

I went looking for some of that nice grade of yellowtail that popped up at Anacapa earlier in the week. No sign of squid anywhere but big meatballs of sardine and mackerel were everywhere.

I started jigging and metering up and down the backside and only had a few bass to show for it for the morning. After lunch I finally found a little nugget and put a couple on the boat, 33# and 36#, both on the jig. I had one other come unbuttoned and a mackerel got slammed while I was on a fish. Both fish had that channel islands girth and pulled!

The weather was bitchin overall, grease going over, then some offshores coming over the island for a couple of hours, then it laid down again and was hot.


Well done Stoney

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hoopin it up at Catalina Island

Went Hooping with Jeff and the some of the boys at Catalina Island Saturday Night. It was pretty nice out with clear skies and the ocean was butter. No moon and pretty good tidal movement made for ideal conditions for Catalina. We ended up getting some nice bugs.

Hoop Gimmick

Tony and Brian on the Pull

Dave with a Keeper


7 so far. We ended up with 9 Good Ones.

Josh - We had several Hoop rigs with the GlowStick Bouys sink out on us on the trip. What do you do? Not to worry, we have Josh on Deck. Josh was 3 for 3 retrieving the sunk gear snagging the rope connected to the hoop rigs using a 50 lb Jigstick and a Heavy Salas. What a stud.

Thanks for taking us out Jeff.

Well Done!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Mike and the Kids

This is pretty Classic
Good ole Family Times

Mike and Zoe

From: Jaimie Naoe
Date: Nov 2007
Subject: Re: Bob's Sporting Goods Newsletter
To: bob hara

Bob. Next time you get a chance, add these to the blog...
Mike & his future rod wrapper...
Mikala & Bam...

Thanks! Jaimie Naoe

"Hey Pops....Is that enough Flex Coat?"

Big Sis Mikala and BatMan the PuppyWonder

The Naoe Family
Thanks for the Pics Jaimie

Thursday, November 8, 2007


From: Brandon Hayward - Western Outdoors News
Sent: October 2007
To: Matt Salas -

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the 7X in the fast avocado. As you can see the yellows at Cedros really liked them on my 10-day. Use the pics however you see fit.

Great Shots of the Yellows on the Iron.

Well done.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cedros Deluxe Part II

More Images of the Tom Greene Cedros FlyDown Operation
Courtesy of Jeff Rodriguez
From: Jeffrey
Thursday, November 01, 2007
Larry Krouse; Tom Greene; Tony Moran; Bob N Hara
Cedros FlyDown

Some names for the faces: airport shot left to right, Jeff Rodriguez, Duane Brodway, Nick DiSanto, Joe Camello (colonial yacht), Gerald Gallante, and Tim Johnson.

Jeffrey R

Family Money Shot
Check out the Spread!

Greasy Morning

Lake Pacifico

A Familiar Face

Check out the Rooms for the Anglers

Satellite TV? Are you kidding me?

BirdsEye View

Another Group of Satisfied Customers

The Gang was equipped with a Grip Load of Irons from Matt Salas
Thank you for the Iron Matt.

Sounds like an Awesome Trip
Count me in for 08 Jeff

I'm Gone