Thursday, October 16, 2008

7 day RP.Sept 12-19 Brandon @ the Rocks

Photo Courtesy of the Royal Polaris

Brandon Shimahara at the Rocks

From: Steve Shimahara
Date: Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 5:38 PM
Subject: 7 day RP. trip sept 12-19

I wanted to thank all the guys from bsg for getting my son Brandons rods done b4 his trip saw you guys returning off your 5day AA. trip.

Brandon had the trip of his life caught fish from sun up till sun down a trip he will always remember the ROCKS were great fishing for yft1s all you wanted yellows and a hand full of whahoo and dorado here are sum pictures i wanted to share wit the guys and a big thanx for the rods.... Steve Shimahara

I'm sure most of you were wondering ... and yes he missed school but Frank made sure he did his

Hey Steve and Brandon. Man - what a great trip. Sorry for the late post (my bad) Those are great pictures and thank you very much for sharing with the group. Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Bob Hara
Bob's Sporting Goods Blog Dude
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Cedros Adventures - ON FIRE

Hey Gang - Check out the images from Jeff''s latest adventure out to Cedros.

From: Jeffrey

Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 6:45 PM
To: Bob N Hara; Adrian; Tom Greene; Tony Moran; Carl
Subject: Cedros Adventures

Here are some recent Cedros Adventures photos

A Panga Full of Happy Anglers

Broomtail on the Salas

Cedros Adventures is an all inclusive fishing excursion to Cedros Island located approximately 60 miles off the west coast of Baja California

Siesta Time back at HomeBase

Hmmmm...... How are we going to get the truck off the Beach?

When your rig gets stuck on the beach, who are you gonna call?.....Eco Planet

OK Jeffery.....Looks like you got a good story for me about this picture

Relief from the Heat

Many Thanks to Tom Greene for another great trip to the Big Island.
Big thanks to Mike for building the ultimate rods for the trip, and Matt for the Ammunition of Salas Jigs. Check out the Website for more info on Tom's Operation.

5 days in Paradise........Bueno!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Geronimo Island and Sacramento Reef on the Pacific Dawn

Paul Ito - Jig Fishing for Calicos

hey bob...we just got back from our 4 day'r skiff trip on the Pac Dawn. conditions were not what we'd like, but it was still a blast! Sac Reef and Geronimo Isle.

Mikey - What a Sluggo.....
Steve Tsuji - Biggie

Gotta love fishin' the iron! Most bass were on the large MC Sluggo's and swimbait

Mikey - SuperSized
Captain Pat - Stoked

Richie - CheckMate
Steve T - Sluggo

No WSB, no yellows, no butts. Just big bonito and a few gar.

Paul Ito - PinSpeed

Big Bass fishing on the inflatables.
Thanks for the report Paul.