Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wow - Harry Yamada 5 Day on the Angler

Fri. July 31, 2009 - Going Out in Style
Ben Kawata, John Liu, and Dr. Uyeki

Thurs. July 30, 2009 - Action
Co CharterMaster Roger Kuramoto
Bluefin Tuna

Tues. July 28, 2009
Kub Ito - First "local" Wahoo of the Year

Hey Gang

Check out the HOT DOPE on some Outstanding Fishing on the American Angler Website. Looks like someone turned on the Fish Switch at Guadalupe Island.

Wow When we left the dock, we didn't know what to expect. The offshore fishing seemed to be on a slight downhill trend so we opted to take advantage of our SAC leader Ken Franke's hard work and go outside to the island. After daylight we got the 911 call from our code boats to keep coming because there was good sign of tuna. We got to the zone after lunch and we had a strike as soon as we slowed down.

Kub Ito got this year's first "local" wahoo which he graciously donated for an upcoming wahoo dinner.

Soon afterwards we saw a small school of tuna on the machines and they showed immediately. We had very good angling on [get this] 40-60lb tuna with a few pushing 70lbs as bites were very easy to come by. We kept 4-12 hooked for several hours as everyone aboard was on the ropes. We ended up with 100 of these good grade tuna for the afternoon and our other guys that were here all day also had big days.

Art Taylor on the Searcher said that this was the best fishing that he has ever seen on this grade tuna and he has owned a long range boat for over 25 years.

Obviously we don't know if they are going to bite like this for long but what we do know for a fact is that they are here right now. I know that there are lots of people that walk and breath for this kind of fishing so call Lori. At times they were biting heavy string, but the rig of choice would be a castable sized 2-speed reel with spectra and a flourocarbon 50lb topshot with a choice 7-8 foot rod for fishability.

Day 2 at Lupie
Wed. July 29, 2009

Gary Teraoka from Accurate reels put one of Jack's new reels to the test landing his 105lb fish on the new B2-500 reel.

Paul Cloutier shows off some of his angling skills with this nice fishcaught on one of Matt's fancy sardine imitation painted 7x surface lure.

Our Good Bud Roger Kuramoto, Co-CharterMaster on the Harry Yamada Charter has to be one Happy Camper. I can hear it now with That Look and Big Smile from Roger..."Bob, you should have been there - Wide Open...HA hahahahahahhaha ha"

There are spots available on some of the upcoming trips. Call Lori in the Angler Office if you want to jump on a trip 619 223 5414. Come fish with the Family!!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

La Paz,Cerralvo report

Dr Ed Stoney - 45 lb. Dorado

From: Greg Stoney
Sent: Monday, July 13, 2009 2:32 PM
To: Robert N. Hara; Mark Yamada; March, Tim; Todd Garrett
Subject: La Paz,Cerralvo report

What's up guys,

I just got back from a week or so of fishing, and a little diving. The fishing started out pretty good and kind of backed off after a few days and fell flat on it's face upon Phils arrival. We did get a ton of dorado, 8 wahoo and a few little tuna and other random stuff like pargo, cabrilla and toro sprinkled in there.

I had a lot of fun hooking Monica up to dorado and she dug it.

Monica looks like she had a blast. For some strange reason I thought you were up in Alaska. Boy was I wrong.........Great report Stoney

Friday, July 17, 2009


hi bob its john corzel went on a over night on the freedom and the big yellows are bitting my fish was 35 pounds my friend mike got one at 28 pounds.

Right off the Angler and fishing the Freedom. Nice Fish John

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Offshore on the American Angler

Jessie and Captain Taro - JackPot Bluefin

Bob's Sporting Goods 1.5 Dayer - Taken from the American Angler Website

Sat. July 11, 2009

What Happened? After we unloaded last trip's catch and saw how many beautiful fish we caught - our group departing was very pumped. When we departed on the trip, reports from down below were as good as it gets. Limit style fishing and a line of fish twenty miles long - it seemed like a no brainer. The morning started out kind of slow and it really never picked up. We kept hoping that the fish would come up, but they never did. We had scratch fishing at best and we ended up with 40 albacore and a few bluefin. What happened to the fish remains a mystery as we hope that they are just down and not gone The Disappearing Act, The Guys

Yeah, it was a tough trip and it was not because of a lack of effort by Brian and the Crew. We caught fish when they were around. The problem was there were no familiar faces on the machines. Where did those schools go after we saw the Salas Charter kick the "you know what " out of the Tuna. Even though fishing sucked, we still had a good time. It was nice to be back on the Offshore Grounds with my buds.

I will have to say Brian and the Crew never gave up looking for schools. The stops got better as the day went on but we never really got into a ripper stop. Jig Strikes here and there, with one Quad JigStrike toward the end of the day.

Mike Sakasegawa - Bluefin

Jessie on the Truline Newell Combo. Worth a second look. That Bluefin was smoking the reel where the drags were slipping and the 20 lb Spectra combo was flying off the reel. Jessie did a great job on the Bluefin and landed the Jackpot for the trip.

Check out the YouTube Video - Thanks Mike Sakasegawa

Sorry I did not have any more pictures to post. After pulling 2 hooks and landing my only Albert, taking pictures was not on the top of the list for the day. My Bad.

Salas 2.5 Day Charter - The Boat was plugged with Tuna Fish and the group had a great trip. "We had great fishing where we caught fish everyday. Bluefin and Albacore. - Matt Salas"

Captain Brian and Matt Salas

3 Generations of the Fred Miyazaki Family

Let the Kids Have Fun - With the boat plugged with Tuna, Brian asked the Group if it was OK if the Kids could get a whack at the tuna . They all said Yes. Kiyohara got on the tank and the Crew went at it on the 100 lb and on the hand line. Check out the great shots - Commersh Style.

Ray and Travis on the 100 lb

Brian - Here they Come....

Captain Ray Lopez

Gregger got into the action

And Bobby with his First Albacore

Watch out for that Hairpin.....Ohhhhhhh......crackle crackle

Shhhhnap!!!!.......Kapoweeeeee!!!!!......Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

Oh Shi..............


Captain Jordan - On the Hand Line

Travis Potter

Bobby got back into the action - Check out the Flying Broken Tip

"I never had a boss who would ever let us kids fish if the group got their boat limit. I think it is cool to let the crew have some fun once in a while given all of the hard work they put in day after day. As long at the Charter Group is fine with our request, the group gets to watch the crew put on a great show" - Captain Brian Kiyohara

Thanks for the Money Shots Brian. We look forward to many more fishing trips on the American Angler.

And no matter who asks you, I did not Break Dance when I was in Jr High School. Don't believe the Hype!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wish you were here

Fred Miyazaki and Bobby

Check this report out from Brian Kiyo via Satellite on the American Angler Website - -

Today is one of the days we dream about offshore fishing. Limit style albacore type fishing with stops in excess of 50 fish along with a great show on bluefin tuna which accounted for 44 beautiful fish in the afternoon. From daylight to dark we were busy as we enjoyed "pinch me am I dreaming" type fishing. Fred Miyazaki shows off one of the many bluefin that he has caught so far and he has sure shown that experience sure pays off.


The Guys

There was also decent sign caught locally within one day range today as the summertime deep sea fishing seems to finally be kicking into gear.

We have a few spots on the next few 5 day trips - departing Wed. July 22, Mon. July 22, Sat Aug 1 - come fishing!