Saturday, December 18, 2010

Current Conditions

Hello Folks

I really like this time of the year where Nice Weather continues down south in the Land of Exotics. Thanks to Bill Roecker and Paul Sweeney, we can tune into the Play by Play action on their website. Keep in the Know - - -

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Matt on The Apollo - Mag Bay

Mathew on the Apollo - Keeper!

Evening Folks

I got a couple of cool emails from Mike Naoe today with some great shots from a recent 7 day on the Apollo. Looks like Lower Banks fishing for Matt was pretty good!!!!

There are a ton more shots of the trip HERE - Check it Out

Nice Job Matt -

Bobs Sporting Goods Is Home

Jackpot winner:
First place : Russ Kimura 211 lbs YFT
Second place: Bruce Collins 91 lbs YFT
Third place: Mark Crampton 90 lbs YFT
Honorable Mention: Barrett Johnson 51 lbs Wahoo

Hey Gang

The Boys are Back in Town from the great 10 day on the AA. Many thanks to Brian Kiyo and the Crew of the American Angler for a great trip. It started out on the Northern Banks, then down to San Pablo to yank and crank on yellows, and a few days at the Southern Stones for some quality variety fishing. It was a true 10 Day trip - Variety!!!!

And a Big Hug to the First Lady of the Angler Lori Patella for all of the paperwork and organizing for the group. You are the best Lori P

Check out the report on the American Angler Website Also Check your Social Calenders for 2011. The shop has a number of trips (Long and Short), and I have my company 1.5 dayer in June - Curtis Rosenthal Inc Trip #6. Here is a link to the American Angler 2011 Fishing Schedule. Call the office at 619 223 5414 and Lori will take care of you. Happy Holidays All.

Monday, December 6, 2010

405.2 on the Vagabond!!!!!!

Angler Mike Livinston on the Vagabond with Captain Mike Lackey and the Crew of the Vag
405.2 MegaCow

Hey Gang

In case you did not hear, The Vagabond docked this morning in Pt Loma and officially weighed in a 405.2 lb Yellowfin Tuna this morning. That would be a new world record!!! Here is a short blurb for the Vag Facebook Page from last week

Vagabond Sportfishing

OK, on the phone with Mike now: Mike Livingston fought it in the harness for only 2 hrs 35 min with an Int. 30 (from Chris A.) at 100# test. He brought the 85.5" beast to the surface and my awesome boys got it thru the gate.on Wednesday

Here is more on the story from

Congrats to Angler Mike Livingston, Captain Mike Lackey and the Crew of the Vagabond. A fish and trip of a lifetime!