Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Trip to Mammoth

From: Allen Morimoto
08/25/2008 10:06 PM MST
Bob Hara
Allen Morimoto

Had a great time fishing with you and Greg this weekend. Attached are some pictures of our trip up to Mammoth with the family. Here are the pictures from our trip to Mammoth in July. We did well at Grant Lake on the June Lake loop. Also did very well at Pleasant Valley Reservoir for two mornings.

Grant Lake Camryn, me, Jordyn Bryan Doi (remember him)

Another nice pvr brown trout
Brian Doi

Camryn is at the age my parents first started taking us up there.

Sac Perch on the fly

House John Kokado is building at Tom's Place (Rock Creek Lake turnoff)

Bryan is the executive chef at Alpenrose Restaurant on Old Mammoth Road.

Awesome food.

Brian Doi

Big Al Morimoto

Good to see John and Brian doing well up on the Mountain.
The family looks like they had a great time.
Very Nice.....

Biggity Ben on the USNS Flint

Dorado - Sea of Japan

From: <>
Date: Aug 2008 at 12:52 PM
Subject: Ahi!!!


Since I'm rarely home to make it out fishing with you guys, I gotta squeeze in some fishing where ever and whenever I can. The mahi was caught trolling off Japan last month off the stern of this ship:

The ahi were caught during a stop in Hawaii last week. My co-workers and I chartered a six pack for the day and look what we stumbled upon. Just imagine if we had fish like this less than 30 miles from the dock??!!

Ben Okazaki

p.s. Please tell Mike I said hello.

Fishing World Wide
Thanks for the message Ben

Friday, August 29, 2008

Like Father Like Son - BSG on the Endeavor

From: Mr Michael Sakasegawa
Date: Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 12:05 AM
Subject: Pics from the BSG 8/24 1.5 Day

Mike....Bob....some pics of Brandon's 39lb. Brandon caught it fishing a plastic swim bait with a 1-3/4 ounce lead head. The bluefin hit the jig on the sink off the bow, on the days first jig stop.

For my marlin, I told several of the guys this story and i know they don't believe me, but im positive the marlin wasnt after my trolled lure. Just before the strike, i happened to be following my lure when im positive i saw a flying fish break the water near my jig. I believe the marlin was after the flying fish and i just happened to snag the marlin on the back. It was my first marlin caught though....i guess sometimes its best to be lucky.

$200 jackpot bluefin and my lucky Marlin. Brandon donated 50% of his winnings to the crew on top of our 20% tip.
As usual, Sueno and crew did a great job and earned every penny!!!

Another nice report from the group. The Endeavor runs out of Mission Bay out of Seaforth Landing. Well Done. I am out

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

American Tuna on the Pegasus

Dave Saraye and C0-CharterMaster Stewart Suenaga

Hola Amigos

No Permits were required for our Morimoto/Suenaga 1.5 day trip on the Pegasus this past weekend. Captain Jason Rombotis rolled the dice and it paid off for a good day of fishing in US Waters.

I am not sure if it is just me, but it seems like the offshore fishing this year has been a bit KA KA Koo Koo. Albacore are still around in the warm water, with Yellowfin, Bluefin, Dodos, Yellowtail, some Skippies, and a Wahoo reported in the counts for the overnight fleet. It has been pretty unpredictable this year and we were all wondering what to expect for our trip.

The group was a little concerned at the dock when we rolled up to a cart that was filled with Mini Dorados, Micro Albacore, Puny Tuna, Some Reds, a Salmon Grouper, a couple of Calicos, and a Barracuda. It must have been a trip down the beach, so that option is OUT. Maybe West to the banks south of San Clemente Island? There was some reports of 30 lb Yellowfin under the porpoise within 12 miles of Pt Loma earlier in the week. Captain Jason was not too stoked to hit those fish given the weekend traffic of sportboats and yachts pouncing on the schools. Saturday Traffic!!! With our 1.5 day schedule, it was a possibility for us to come back in the afternoon when the boats left the grounds. We opted for Door #2 fishing the butterfly south of Clemente.

Dave Saraye - Bluefin

We trolled around the banks all morning for a blind jigstrike on a nice Mahi. It was about noon when Mark spotted a nice kelp from the Crows Nets. The kelp started out with mini dorado, then the water turned brown with streaks of Yellowfin circling under the boat. We had a nice hour stop on the kelp producing over 40 of the nice grade Ahi. American Tuna!!! USA Baby.

Nobody can say it better than the Joe Chait, owner of the Pegasus.....

"8/25 Well here we go again, looks like the longfins have given the fleet the slip again. Jason found what he called the lucky kelp today and I am pleased to say that it produced well for the guys, 51 Yellowfin, 12 bluefin, 19 dorado 2 albacore 2 yellowtail.
Nice day at the office."

Co-CharterMaster Allen Morimoto - STOKED

Many Thanks to Captain Jason and the Crew of the Pegasus. The guys worked their asses off all day for the group. No matter how tough it was during the day, the crew kept upbeat keeping their fingers and toes crossed for the lucky magical kelp. It makes all the difference in the the world for a fishing trip when you are on a boat with a great captain and crew members.

And huge props to our CharterMasters Allen Morimoto and Stewart Suenaga for putting the trip together. I have known both of these guys since I was a kid growing up in WLA. Man, I used to park my Schwinn 10 Speed in Al's parents garage when I rode my bike to Webster Jr High. Stewart and I go way back to the days when the YMCA on Sawtelle was born back in the 70's Those were the days of Ketchie's Tacos, Yamaguchi's down the street, and back up to Bob's Sporting Goods to talk to Dickie in the back of the store through the rectangular window.

Looking forward to the American Angler 5 Day coming up in September - -

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Uesugi-Kimura on the American Angler

Hey Gang - Check it out. Brian and Sam located some Quality Tunafish at the Lupe this week. They are currently with the Uesugi-Kimura Group. Man, just the news we like to hear with our Shop 5 Day (Sept 7th - 12th) around the corner. Yatzeeeeeeeeee. The Games appears to have begun.

Sat Report from the American Angler for Thurs. Aug 21, 2008


Today we had the intention of coming out to the Big Island in hopes of picking up some bigger Tuna to settle jackpot. We arrived around 0900 in the morning and had to look around to get located but when we did it was very good fishing on 18 to 30 lbers with a few a little bigger. By mid afternoon the bite seemed to be just about done and we made a move with only a few hours of daylight left. Yesterday we had Good Luck, but today was beyond that, we had a hit with fish up to 90lbs ++ on top of our earlier catch.
In a nut shell, without just going on for a few chapters here, IT WAS GOOD TUNA FISHING.....

Today's photos are just some of the bigger tuna we had late in the day, WOW..

Wed. Aug. 20, 2008 - GOOD LUCK. The Surface Plug and YoYo Action out at the other Islands sounds fun. Don't forget to bring your Salas Lures or you will be left out of the party.

It's always good to be in the right place at the right time, and that's what happened today.... the Gang enjoyed some Yanking and Cranking. We are pretty much in the market for Tuna at this point of the game and we have a couple more days to do that.

I am starting to get geeked up for the 5 day. Time to get your 2 speed gear together, freshen up your line, bust out the long rods, and assemble a grip load of jigs. Looking forward to some Good Times........

See you in Pt. Loma

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cedros Adventure - Torneo de Pesca

From: Rodriguez, Jeff -
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 2:19 PM
To: Robert N. Hara
Subject: Cedros


Just returned from Cedros and another memorable trip with Cedros Adventures. Friday afternoon was wide open calicos and 2 WSB on a 4X Salas white and green with brown sides was the hot jig for the weekend. . T

James Arney, Jeff Rodriguez and Adreon were on team 1 and Kent Rhorenbach, Larry Krause and Jacob were on team 2. Saturday we prefished and ended up with 25 yellows and 1 WSB for the 2 pangas. Sunday was the 5th annual Torneo de Pesca, the islands yellowtail tournament.

There were two prizes, biggest fish and most total weight. Kent and Larry brought home the trophy for most weight, 188 kilos, second was 155 kilos and we took third with 116 kilos. The five fish limit was waived.

First Prize was 1000.00 US, 12 lbs of abalone, 12 lbs of caracol, and of course the trophy and bragging rights. For the weekend we finished with 65 yellowtail, 3 WSB, 200 plus calicos, bonito and barracuda released (didn’t keep count)

Thanks Tom and Adreon for another great trip to Cedros, see you in September.

Jeff Rodriguez-

Looks like another sweet trip out to Cedros
If you guys are interested, send me or Jeff and email.