Monday, March 12, 2007

The Fred Hall Long Beach Show March 2007

Hey Gang

I just wanted to say Thank You for stopping by the Bob's booth at the Fred Hall Show. We had a great time checking out the show, catching up with some old friends and making a ton of new ones. It was a packed show. The Calstar GG Jigsticks were a hit with the crowd, along with the sick variety of Salas Lures, and the "mysterious" Blackwater Spectra and Fluorocarbon. The guys in the know are all talking about the Blackwater Products. Mike will carry a sample of the Blackwater line in the shop.

We would like to thank our friends at Calstar, Salas Lures, Avet Reels, Blackwater, Kencor, and Phoenix Rods for lending a hand for the show. But most of all, we would like to thank our customers for their support.

I have been talking it up with the boys about setting up a fishing club for the shop. We would host quarterly meetings (at a local meeting place). We can set up activities like Charter fishing trips, fishing derbys, and have industry experts conduct in-house fishing seminars. Just a great way to keep in touch with your fishing buds. Stay Tuned for further updates.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Kenny's Rock Fish Opener

Kenny Itomura - Our Fearless CharterMaster

The Pacific Dawn
Captain Hooks Ventura CA
March 1, 2007

Hello Sports Fans. We had a very nice trip aboard the Pacific Dawn out to Santa Rosa Island on Friday. It was opening day for the rockfish season and everyone was stoked. Kenny from the shop set up a charter with hopes to land some nice fish at Rosa. Reels filed with Spectra, and tackle boxes jugged with Jax Jigs, Shimano Butterfly Jigs, assortments of Shrimp Flys, and some heavy lead was the gear of choice for this trip. Given the time of the year, Seabass was a possibility but it didn't sound like there was much sign of the misto croaker lately. Hopes were high for a good fishing trip.

Captain Pat Cavanaugh
and the crew run a real professional operation. The Pac Dawn went through some boatwork during the offseason with a new paint job, deck work, and new finish to the rails. The first thing we noticed when loading our gear aboard was the boat looks real nice and shiny. Man, I remember the boat when it had the old school Baby Blue paint.

The weather had been a factor for the past several weeks for the Channel Islands. It was kind of iffy Thursday during the day with small craft warnings, but it all worked out just great. The NW winds made a little lumpy heading out of Ventura Harbor. So the boat rolled out of the harbor at a nice mellow speed making the ride bearable for a good night sleep. It was blowing at daybreak with whitecaps off the horizon. Fortunate for us, the wind backed off and we had Channel Islands Butter conditions by midmorning. Just a great day out on the water.......
Mike and John

Uncle Larry

Scott Okamura

We had great fishing on the rockfish. We caught some quality Reds, ChuckleHeads, Johhny Bass, Bank Perch, Blue Bass, and several Ling Cod (released). By the end of the day, there were "smiles everywhere" for the group and fat sacks filled with spiny tasty fish. Mrs. Hara is going to be Stoked!!!! We ended the day making a couple of Halibut drifts close up to the island with no biters. The ride home was "Butta"

Mark, Bob, and Ron

Leeway taken it EastCoast Style

Todd Allen with a nice sample

Captain Pat and Uncle Larry

Many thanks to Pat and the Crew for a great day of fishing. A very cool bunch of buys who know their stuff. And thank you Kenny for setting up the Charter.

Don't forget to come by the booth at the Fred Hall Show March 7 - 12 at the Long Beach Convention Center. MIke and the crew have been busting their asses off wrapping rods just for the show. It is pretty amazing stuff. Check out these wild custom jobs they have been working on

Items that will be sold at the booth include Calstar Rods Kencor the Original Salas Lure , Penn and Avet Reels Mike said he just picked up some Blackwater Spectra and Fluorocarbon straight out of the factory and making its debut at the show.

We will even have a few Hawaiian Hooks for sale. Hope to see you at the Show.

Signing off for now.......................