Saturday, April 28, 2007

Living the Dream.........A note from Gerald Scholl

A note from our old friend Gerald Scholl
Lake Tahoe CA

My friends (fishermen & non-fishermen),

Attached are some shots from a couple of trips last week up at Stampede Lake, just north of Truckee.



Karl K.

Gerald has established a guide service up at Lake Tahoe.
We will hear more from Gerry in the coming months.


Friday, April 27, 2007

April 2007 Monterey Salmon Trip

Open Sesame......

Check out these pics. The Boys made a recent trip up north to Monterey in search of Salmon. The honorable Doctor Eugene hosted this annual Salmon Trip.

Jay 27, John 18, Scott 40

Scott fIsHeYeViEw

jAy FiShEyEvIeW
John Fish Eye View
Report to Follow......

Marina Del Rey Halibut Derby 2007

Hey Gang

I had the chance to fish in the SM Bay Halibut Derby with Captain Jeff Rodriguez on his 35 ft Seaway the Fortuna (San Pedro CA). It was a great fishing platform for the derby given the funky weather we had this weekend. We had anglers on board for the derby.

Man....It was hard work with many hours of no bites. We tried all of the spots in the bay with very little luck. We went up west Saturday starting at Little Dume, and worked our way back along the beach. It was a desert out there. Jeff kept this eyes on the machine all day looking for signs of life. It was pretty grim. We were fishing in Cold Brown Water (man that sounds rude) .
We ended up with a Sheep(baaaaaaaah)Head, Twister Bass, a number of Octopus (awesome job Pete.)

When we baited up on Sunday AM, the guys at InSeine asked where we went the day before. "You might want to Zag instead of Zigging like you did yesterday...........They caught a thresher in tight to the beach the piers"

Cool!! Right on. Thank You.........Translation....Head down to the Southbay and look for bait on the beach by the piers. So off we went.

It was a nice morning with glassy conditions. We started at Torrance Beach, and back up to the Redondo Canyon for a few Sand Bass. Made our way back to Manhattan Pier and found some favorable conditions. I got lucky and caught a 12.9 lb Halibut on a Sardine right around noon. I was stoked. With over 600 Angler participating in the Derby and only 40 legals caught, I felt pretty fortunate.

It was a nice fat fish that ended up Panko DeepFried style accompanied with a bowl of steaming hot rice. Shoyu and Lime. Proper.........

So what kind of rig did you use for the Derby this past weekend???????????????
3 Way Swivel Drift Rig??
BounceBall Gimmik???
Pre-made Beads and Swivel GetUp????

Signing off..........