Friday, July 27, 2007

Jay's Twilight Trip Matt Walsh Style

Some Pictures from Jay Mayeda's Twilight Charter on the Matt Walsh out of LA Harbor. A fun trip with the friends and family

Mike and Mikala

Mikala's First Barracuda - on the Iron

Girl Power

Dinner Time

Thanks for the pictures Jamie

Great Shots - I'm out

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

San Pedro Bait Company News

Check it out Gang
A note from Todd Phillips via email...........

She has found her home 07/18/07!!!!!!!!!!!
Todd Phillips
San Pedro Bait Company

Located in San Pedro just outside 22nd Street Landing

Jeff and I checked out the new receiver last weekend on the Fortuna. We loaded the tank with a nice cured mix of Sardines and Anchovies. Nice passes. A very clean operation.

Need Bait? San Pedro Bait Company at your service.

Thanks for the hard work Mr. Phillips. Very Nice

See you soon

Thursday, July 19, 2007

American Angler Message Board

Hey Gang

The American Angler has just launched a new feature to their website. Barry G, American Angler Regular has set up a message board for the website. Pretty cool way to keep in touch with fellow Anglers and to get info on upcoming trips.

Sammy and Barry G

Take a look at the message board at American Angler Sportfishing

Great job Barry and Lori

Hasta Luego

Saturday, July 14, 2007

SFV Annual 5 Day Report - American Angler

Nice Yellow Matt

Story taken from Fishing - Current Conditions
You can get more details from the American Angler Website

Angler Yanks Tails

Brian Kiyohara docked American Angler July 14 after five days at sea. After offloading the catch he weighed the best fish on the certified scales at Pt. Loma Sportfishing.

Jig maker Matt Salas was aboard, and he passed out some product that was put to good use. Matt had a nice catch of yellowtail on his jigs.

“It was a good yellowtail trip,” said Matt. “We fished at Cedros Island, and most of the jig fish came on surface iron. A good cast with the long rod would get a crash on the jig. The mint sardine was a good color.”

John Ito of Torrance won first place, for a 46.4-pound yellowtail he got with a blue and white Salas 7X. He fished with 40-pound Momoi line, a Newell 338 reel and an eight-foot Graftech rod.

“I saw him bite,” said John. “He swirled on it, and he freight-trained me for a while.”

Trio 'O 'Tails: Yellowtail swept the jackpot spots aboard American Angler

Ed Royles of Rancho Palos Verdes was second, for a 34-pounder, and Gregg Dahle of Hermosa Beach won third place, for a 33.8-pound yellowtail he bagged with a Salas 6X Jr. jig in scrambled eggs pattern.

Nice fishing

See Ya

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I got this from Mike Naoe via email. What a Toad!


Hope you get this.
Has to be seen to be believed....

Pardise cove report.

40' of green water. Went up there because the wind was blowing.

He got it on the sink on his new rod and reel he won at the halibut derby first fish on his new rig.

Took him 30 minutes. Had to back down on it. Almost got spooled. Kelped him but he got it out.

Would not fit in the net.

60" long.

Blew my mind.
Bigger than any WSB I have ever seen in person.
By far biggest ever taken on my boat.

Have fun



I hear they are fun to catch. So I am told............D'oh!

Stay tuned for more reports

Thanks for the report Mike

I am out...

Rico on the Pac Dawn - Seabass $$Money Shot$$

From our friend Jason................

Hey Bob,

Here is a pic of Rico Villero. He comes into shop occasionally. Mike made a few rods for him. The picture is from a trip from last year on the Pacific Dawn to Santa Cruz island. Rico caught 1 of the 5 croaker on that trip. It turned out to be the JP fish.

See ya.


A cool report and quality photo. Like I said, feel free to email your fishing report and proof of purchase (or commonly known as a picture) to

Whether the report is old or hot off the press, go ahead and send me the $$Money Shot$$.

We all want to know......

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mako your Dayo


Another successful trip on the Fortuna out to the Horse Shoe Kelp and then outside for some Mako shark action. A chum bucket and some cut slabs of Barrie made for a nice oily slick that drifted off to the west. Come to the milk............

Just a great day on the water. Our friend Doug was kind enough to crack off a few shots.

Check out the Bob's Sporting Goods Blue Swirl Wrapped Calstar Glass Rod Mike custom made for me last year. The rod was really made to fish with reels filled with Spectra and short top shots of Mono/Fluorocarbon gimmicks. It was the perfect rig to fish 50 lb Izor.

Looks like I am taking a Dump in my skins........

A 100 lb Unit on the rail.

Dustin made a late appearance with his lazy boy pose with a few slimers and a couple of casualties to Jeff's stock. Thanks for a great day Jeff. I'm gone.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Custom Made by Mike

"So why do I want to buy a custom fishing rod?"

Well. If you spend a ton of dough on your new fancy 2 speed reel, you might as was well match up your new spendy reel with a custom made fishing rod. Drop all of that Jack on a High Speed Wahoo rig filled with Spectra and put it on a rod off the rack? Are you kidding me????

With a custom rod made by Mike, you pick out a stick, match it with a nice set of guides and reel seat (or not), and color it up with a thread design that shows off your style. Some get a little macho, and some take it on the light side. Whatever floats your boat, you get the opportunity to fish a rod that was designed by you.

Mike Naoe is a native to Southern California. Life in the fishing industry began working on the 1/2 day Matt Walsh out of LA Harbor. Working on a number of boats as a deckhand in the LA San Pedro area, he then made a move on land and wrapped rods for the Famous Yo Yoshida of Yo's Fishing Tackle. Mike then took his talent to WLA to Bob's Sporting Goods working under another master rod builder Dick Tamiya. After several years of working together, Mike took over the shop from Dick returning back to his roots of West LA. His work experience with Yo and Dick has made Mike one of the best rod builders in the 310 area code. His rod perform, and they look awesome. He is passionate about his work and stands behind it 100%.

Mike lives in LA and is married to his beautiful wife Jamie, with two firecracker daughters Baby Zoe and Big Sister Mikalah.

Mike has continued the tradition turning out his work. Just true art with his designs and colors. Fade Wraps. Simple Double Wrap. Triple Wrap. Diamond Wrap. Fish Wrap. American Flag. Swirl Wrap. Box Fade. Barber Pole. Chevron. Purple Fade?

Todd Allen
BSG Apprentice

"So what is your favorite rod Mike?"

"I like to jigfish. Calstars. Long Rods. I will always toss a plug with an SD Special. We created that rod several years back in the shop with some of the old timers. A pretty favorite jigrod with the regulars and some of the overnight and long range deckhands down in San Diego and LA Harbor.

Now I like the new CalStar GG90, the composite glass/graphite blank. We debuted the rod at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show. Similar to the the Graphiter Series, the two materials are now blended together as one material source for the blank. Super light. I like to use a Sminano Trinidad 30 backed with 65 spectra topped off with 40 lb. Great for tossing the Salas 7x and Benitos or Cedros for the surface yellow action. Coooooooooooool stuff. Simple Black on Black Double Wrap with Perfection Guides. Simple Old School Deckhand Special Unit. The Daily Driver.

If Trulines turn you on, Mike has a nice selection. Here is a sample.

When you come into the shop, Mike will custom build the rod to your specs. Each stick is made specifically for the angler. He asks each customer what type of fishing the stick will be for and he will make some suggestions off his menu. Just like a set of Golf Clubs, each situation requires a different club...rod (dough).

Mike now carries the BlackWater Spectra and FloroCarbon Line. The offshore season is now officially underway. Time to get the new gimick for the 07 offshore season. This stuff is really nice. A must for a fall 5 day trip to Guadalupe Island. White Sharks can't see the stuff....

So if you like to fish: 100 lb Ahi at Lupie, Cow Tuna on the Lower Banks, Perch on the beach, or Calicos at the islands, Mike can custom build a rod for you.

Think about this next time you make a reel puchase? "So how much was that reel I just bought for the 16 day?"

Next time you are in WLA, stop by the shop and check it out.

Custom Rods Made in West LA since 1966

Keeping you in the Know....Out

World Record WhiteSeabass - 93.4 Pound Monster

Hokie Smokes SportsFans

A late report from a weeks ago
A 93.8 lbs White Seabass was speared off of County Line last week by Bill Ernz

You got to wonder if there is a 100 pounder out there
Check out the story below

Congrats Bill

I am OUT.....Later


On behalf of the LA FATHOMIER'S Board and the Fathomiers members we
would like to Congratulate LA FATHOMIER member Bill Ernz in raising the
bar for a new Pending IUSA World Record for WSB and the LARGEST WHITE
SEA BASS EVER RECORDED with a 93.4 pounds.

Bill Ernz also breaks the WSB ALLTIME FATHOMIER RECORD, and also his
fish is the Largest California Game fish in 2007.

Bill we are very proud and happy for your achievement.

A Fish of a lifetime! and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! A
great reward for all your years of hard work Bill!

Erik Banados

A note from Bill

Hi guys,
Thanks for all your kind works. Here is the forwarded email from
Larry Carter with the official weigh in of 93.4 pounds. I have some of
my pictures coming out of the water at Norman 'Malabama's fish camp at
County Line and at home. I just made two dives yesterday. I anchored
up and dove to the inside of the best point and on the second dive I saw
two huge monsters and the one in front was the biggest. I settled for
the smaller but made a shot through the pectorial and toggled in the
gills. I ran half way to the bottom but I horsed it to the surface and
it just kept getting bigger. It took a while to get it in my Moulder
board. But after 10 minutes on the spot I was paddling in. What a
lucky day! Most of you guys have guns bigger than mine and any one of
you could have made that shot. Just put the time in the water, enjoy
the beautiful surroundings and the ocean will open up to you. Safe


A message from Fellow Freediver Rob Stewart

Congratulations Bill! What a beautiful fish. I am sure glad to see a
great champion and life long diver like you get the new world record. I
had been thinking for the last month that this may be the year for
Skip's record to fall since there are so many schools of very large fish
being sighted along the coast and at several of the islands too. Your
fish is a true monster for the species. Skip's 80 pound record lasted
for 13 years and he had only beat the previous record by a few pounds.
It will be interesting to see how long your record last. We, who are
over 50, may not live long enough to see this record fall but I do
believe there are 100 pound WSB out there and perhaps one will be taken
in our lifetime. You now have the fish to beat and rest assured, all
the game fish divers in California and Northern Mexico will be doing
their best to hunt down an even bigger fish but most likely, we'll only
see them in our dreams. Congratulations to you. You have proven once
again that you are a great champion and one of the greatest divers in
our sport. The best thing in my opinion is that you are one of the
nicest guys in our sport too. Skip is a very close friend of mine and
my favorite dive partner so I am sad to see his record fall but if it
had to fall, I am sure pleased it went to a diver as deserving as you

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Let's Talk HookUp


You got to check out our weekly add on Let's Talk Hook up on XX Sports Radio 1090 AM.

Bob's has a commercial on the radio?? Wut?

Check out the show and tune in for the add.

Join Pete Gray and Rick Maxa! The #1 Fishing Radio Talk Show in the West!

Please help spread the word....

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A message from Todd Phillips - THE BOUNTY

A new bait barge for LA Harbor - THE BOUNTY

HI Bob, I hope all is well. Here’s the new bait barge for LA Harbor. Open for business at it’s temporary location, berth 57, just west of the main channel in San Pedro. She will be on the mooring just outside Cabrillo launch ramp within two weeks. For now we’re selling bait from berth 57 though. We have sardines as of now and are working on a daily basis to load her up with anchovy and sardine.

Please help get the word out. I’ll buy you a beer or two.

Thanks, Todd

Check it out
310 217 7552
Tell em Todd sent you

Signing off now