Thursday, July 5, 2007

Custom Made by Mike

"So why do I want to buy a custom fishing rod?"

Well. If you spend a ton of dough on your new fancy 2 speed reel, you might as was well match up your new spendy reel with a custom made fishing rod. Drop all of that Jack on a High Speed Wahoo rig filled with Spectra and put it on a rod off the rack? Are you kidding me????

With a custom rod made by Mike, you pick out a stick, match it with a nice set of guides and reel seat (or not), and color it up with a thread design that shows off your style. Some get a little macho, and some take it on the light side. Whatever floats your boat, you get the opportunity to fish a rod that was designed by you.

Mike Naoe is a native to Southern California. Life in the fishing industry began working on the 1/2 day Matt Walsh out of LA Harbor. Working on a number of boats as a deckhand in the LA San Pedro area, he then made a move on land and wrapped rods for the Famous Yo Yoshida of Yo's Fishing Tackle. Mike then took his talent to WLA to Bob's Sporting Goods working under another master rod builder Dick Tamiya. After several years of working together, Mike took over the shop from Dick returning back to his roots of West LA. His work experience with Yo and Dick has made Mike one of the best rod builders in the 310 area code. His rod perform, and they look awesome. He is passionate about his work and stands behind it 100%.

Mike lives in LA and is married to his beautiful wife Jamie, with two firecracker daughters Baby Zoe and Big Sister Mikalah.

Mike has continued the tradition turning out his work. Just true art with his designs and colors. Fade Wraps. Simple Double Wrap. Triple Wrap. Diamond Wrap. Fish Wrap. American Flag. Swirl Wrap. Box Fade. Barber Pole. Chevron. Purple Fade?

Todd Allen
BSG Apprentice

"So what is your favorite rod Mike?"

"I like to jigfish. Calstars. Long Rods. I will always toss a plug with an SD Special. We created that rod several years back in the shop with some of the old timers. A pretty favorite jigrod with the regulars and some of the overnight and long range deckhands down in San Diego and LA Harbor.

Now I like the new CalStar GG90, the composite glass/graphite blank. We debuted the rod at the Fred Hall Long Beach Show. Similar to the the Graphiter Series, the two materials are now blended together as one material source for the blank. Super light. I like to use a Sminano Trinidad 30 backed with 65 spectra topped off with 40 lb. Great for tossing the Salas 7x and Benitos or Cedros for the surface yellow action. Coooooooooooool stuff. Simple Black on Black Double Wrap with Perfection Guides. Simple Old School Deckhand Special Unit. The Daily Driver.

If Trulines turn you on, Mike has a nice selection. Here is a sample.

When you come into the shop, Mike will custom build the rod to your specs. Each stick is made specifically for the angler. He asks each customer what type of fishing the stick will be for and he will make some suggestions off his menu. Just like a set of Golf Clubs, each situation requires a different club...rod (dough).

Mike now carries the BlackWater Spectra and FloroCarbon Line. The offshore season is now officially underway. Time to get the new gimick for the 07 offshore season. This stuff is really nice. A must for a fall 5 day trip to Guadalupe Island. White Sharks can't see the stuff....

So if you like to fish: 100 lb Ahi at Lupie, Cow Tuna on the Lower Banks, Perch on the beach, or Calicos at the islands, Mike can custom build a rod for you.

Think about this next time you make a reel puchase? "So how much was that reel I just bought for the 16 day?"

Next time you are in WLA, stop by the shop and check it out.

Custom Rods Made in West LA since 1966

Keeping you in the Know....Out

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