Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mako your Dayo


Another successful trip on the Fortuna out to the Horse Shoe Kelp and then outside for some Mako shark action. A chum bucket and some cut slabs of Barrie made for a nice oily slick that drifted off to the west. Come to the milk............

Just a great day on the water. Our friend Doug was kind enough to crack off a few shots.

Check out the Bob's Sporting Goods Blue Swirl Wrapped Calstar Glass Rod Mike custom made for me last year. The rod was really made to fish with reels filled with Spectra and short top shots of Mono/Fluorocarbon gimmicks. It was the perfect rig to fish 50 lb Izor.

Looks like I am taking a Dump in my skins........

A 100 lb Unit on the rail.

Dustin made a late appearance with his lazy boy pose with a few slimers and a couple of casualties to Jeff's stock. Thanks for a great day Jeff. I'm gone.

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