Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hey Gang

Our Blog is set up and we are ready to Rock!!!! Think of this Blog(Web-Log) as a monthly newsletter for the shop.

We will post news about the shop regarding any products on sale, new fishing products/gear, and fishing reports from our family - i.e. you guys, our customers.

Thanks for checking us out, and help spread the good word about the New Blog for Bob's Sporting Goods.

Bob Hara
Bob's Sporting Goods Blog Dude

Hey Gang

Come check us out at the Fred Hall Show at the Long Beach Convention Center March 7th - 11th. We will be selling the new Calstar GG690 and GG90 Jigsticks. This is a new composite line right out of the Calstar Factory. Mike and the boys have been working hard day and night custom wrapping these rods for the show.

We will also be selling Kencor rods, Penn Reels, Avet Reels, and Salas Jigs.

Come on by and join the family. We look forward to seeing you at the show.

Check out these on the pictures for a close look

Bob's Sporting Goods Annual 16 Day - American Angler 2007

Hey Gang

I wanted to share some photos from our 16 Day trip aboard the American Angler. It was the annual Bob's Sporting Goods trip with Gerald Scholl as our Charter Master, and Captain Brian Kiyohara at the wheel.

In Short - It was a great trip, but fishing was really tough. It was a true "fishing" trip where you had to keep on your toes and soak baits at the rail for hours just to get that one opportunity for a fish to bite. Brian and the Crew did a fantastic job keeping the moral up when the fishing got really tough. At the same time, everyone in the group kept an even keel and waited patiently for a biter. Whether it was searching for schools of Blackies off the Lower Banks, or coaching an angler when they had one hanging, the Crew of the American Angler is "A" No. 1 in my book.

It was hard not to have your mind drift off thinking about what else you could be doing instead of holding a heavy clunky reel.......
"Watching an Episode of the Simpson's would be really cool right now........Man, I could sure go for some kayak fishing off Leo Carillo right now....Perch fishing will be happening soon....I wonder how my Garden is doing?.....D'oh"

Even though it was tough fishing for the group, we did manage to land some Real Biggies down at the Big Fish Zone, and on the anchor at the Jaime Bank. It was a real trip seeing sign here and there of Cows Blowing-Up in the chumline, or looking at the multiple Red Blobs on the machines in the wheelhouse and having very few willing to bite. As Brian kept encouraging us "Keep at it of these Tuna is going to make a mistake" Brian was right. Check out the Trophy Fish and the Macho Man poses below:

Chris, Karl, Jennifer, and Greg
Yellowfin Tuna
Rack em Up

Greg Stoney
#315 SuperCow

Wes Cogan
and Captain Travis
#127 Ahi

Bob Hara
#161 Yellowfin Tuna

Captain Chris
#235 Cow

Karl K and the Crew
Cow Tuna

Jay Love and the Gang
#236 Cow

Bob's Sporting Goods
16 Day Jackpot Line Up "Strike a Pose"
  1. Greg Stoney
  2. Jay Love (Wes Cogan doing the honors)
  3. Christian Rydgren

If you want more details on our trip, you can go to the American Angler Fishing Reports on line. Nobody does a better job telling the story about our trip than Captain Brian.

I want to thank Brian and the Crew of the American Angler. They really make you feel like you are part of the Family when on board the Angler. Special thanks to Lori Patella for getting all us all straight with our paperwork and dealing with our last minute BS......well, she put up with my drama with the US Passport Authorities.

Looking forward to fishing with Sam on our September 5 day adventure...."Juice?"

Signing off for now............................................