Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family Trip to Mammoth

From: Allen Morimoto
08/25/2008 10:06 PM MST
Bob Hara
Allen Morimoto

Had a great time fishing with you and Greg this weekend. Attached are some pictures of our trip up to Mammoth with the family. Here are the pictures from our trip to Mammoth in July. We did well at Grant Lake on the June Lake loop. Also did very well at Pleasant Valley Reservoir for two mornings.

Grant Lake Camryn, me, Jordyn Bryan Doi (remember him)

Another nice pvr brown trout
Brian Doi

Camryn is at the age my parents first started taking us up there.

Sac Perch on the fly

House John Kokado is building at Tom's Place (Rock Creek Lake turnoff)

Bryan is the executive chef at Alpenrose Restaurant on Old Mammoth Road.

Awesome food.

Brian Doi

Big Al Morimoto

Good to see John and Brian doing well up on the Mountain.
The family looks like they had a great time.
Very Nice.....

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