Sunday, August 12, 2007

Endeavor Yee Charter August 2007

Alberts at 60 Miles
Annual Yee Endeavor Charter

Overnight trip with the Annual Jeff Yee Charter on the Endeavor out of SeaForth. Early August for Albacore and Kelp Paddy Yellowtail. A great trip with a totally cool group of angler coming from all over CA. David Ikeda and crew put in the hard work for the group, and we took care of the rest. The entire fleet was there. Long and Short Range Boats speckled the horizon looking for the biter schools. It was the only game in town.

John Calder and JackPot winner Gary Bechtel - 44 lb Albacore

Girl Power

Not too much action on the trolling gimicks, where Sueno was looking for familiar faces in the machines. We stopped on a few schools for a plunker bite in the morning. David did say it was a late day bite the day before. The Endeavor would spin circles on schools, toss out a few baits, and slide in on the schools. Fishing the slide with a 1/8 ounce slider rig pinned to a Chovie made for some good action during the daytime bite.

It really started to go at 1:30 when David spotted a meatball of bait off to the west, with jumping Albacore covering a very large area. Good thing for us, the rest of the fleet was off to the east and we slide in for a couple of good shots on the school. They came to the corner and started to bite the Sardines on the heavy string. Now that was more like it. We ended the day at 3:30 and headed back up the line.

Ken Austad Albacore

Eleanore Money Shot

Gary, Eleanore, Linda, and Jefe

Our Fearless Leader Mr Jeff Yee

Thanks Jeff for the great charter
A really cool group of angler out for a good day of fishing

Jefe - Try to make it a 1.5 trip next year

Hope you all can make it back
It was a pleasure fishing with you all

Hasta Luego

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