Thursday, September 15, 2011

BSG & Day on the American Angler

Alijos Wahoo Line up

Hey Gang

Check out the images from our recent 7 Day Trip on the American Angler out of Pt Loma CA.

We are back from our 7 day trip on the AA. The Offshore Grounds, Cedros, Benitez, The Ridge, and Alijos Rocks. Not much on the Tuna, but a Grip of Yellows, and a few Wahoo at the Rocks. The weather was stellar for the entire trip barley getting a touch of spray on the windows of the Wheelhouse.

A whale shark managed to swim into our chumline on the Ridge and swam by to show off her Tan Line!

Bob Hara

What up Captain Ray?

Steve Leonhart

It was great fishing with an awesome group of Jig Tossing Friends like Greg Stoney, Matt Salas, Bob Hara, Our Fearless CharterMaster Scott Okamura, and Steve Leonhart

Greg Stoney

Matt Salas

Mike Groe

Scott Okamura

Bob Hara

Many thanks to Sammy and the Crew of the AA, and Special Thanks to Lori Patella for doing her usual thing by putting together another great trip for the Gang.

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