Saturday, July 16, 2011

Subject: Cedros Island Report

From: Duane Broadway []

Subject: Cedros Island Report

Good Afternoon Anglers.

June 20th-27th saw the first "Performance Tackle" 8 day of the Year, Including shop owner Marc Higashi and Owner Pro Staffer Sergio Fainsztein of Radio Outdoor Expeditions. As one would expect, this was one of the most epic fishing trip Cedros Island has ever seen, considering the collective talent of this 9 man group. The Biomass at Cedros Island definitely afforded each Angler the opportunity to accomplish some phenomenal mixed bag fishing. Calico's came in the expected quality and quantity. With 100 to 400 fish to 8.5lbs per Angler for the trip. Yellowtail fishing was also fantastic for what would be considered early season anywhere else. Tails to 44 lbs came on everything from YoYo'd Jigs and surface Iron, to Bass rods and Plastic swimbaits. One tanker was even hooked on a Diawa hard jerkbait! Really all species came in as many numbers as you wanted, we could only pull so much! A high quality problem to have your limiting factor be your arms.

Other species caught on this trip included fantastic numbers of Halibut, Barracuda, Bonita, enormous SheepHead, even a few Spotties, Sandies and a nice Grouper on the Plastic! I have never seen any other place in the world where one can sight-fish for SheepHead as Sergio did. On our way back to be dropped back off at Performance Tackle where we were picked up. Anglers commented as to the difficulty of remembering just how many of these fish were caught and released. Awesome!

As for the Hotel. One Angler was heard saying he would be returning for another trip on arrival at the Hotel! Fishing had not even begun yet, as we were on the Island for all of 20 minutes! Imagine eating your dinner cliff side. Watching the waves break, and scanning the area for the fish you are going to be catching. This Hotel as been a long time coming and a Labor of Love. Most Guests on this trip commented that it was nothing like they expected. "You know...not you average Fishing Hotel" as one Angler put it.

As usual. The Pangas and the service from the Captains was unsurpassed. Each member of the Cedros Adventures Staff put in long hard days. Sometimes 10 to 16 hours. Everyone from the Porters, fish cleaners, Captains, Drivers, Maid service, worked hard to ensure a memorable trip for the quests.

Weather was typical June West Coast weather. A little breeze here and there with average temps.

Food!? Forget about it. As always the Staff and Adrian out did themselves with Appetizers each day. Asada, fish from Yellowtail to Whitefish to Black Seabass, RibEye steaks, Lobster, you name it. We even had Birthday cake, as 3 Birthdays came during this trip. Awesome!

As for the Schedule. If you are considering a trip this year. Take a look at the booking calendar on the website ( Anything that is blank is available for Anglers on our end. Get your buddies together and itching. Pick a trip that is good for you, we will make sure the plane seats are available and off you go! As always. If you have any questions, comments or just wanna talk fishin. Give me a call.

Hope everyone has a great season. Look forward to helping you plan your Cedros Adventure. Tight Lines!

Duane and the Crew at Cedros Adventures. SeaYa!

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