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Bob's Sporting Goods 10 Day American Angler Style.......Good Times and the SuperCow!!!!

Holy SuperCow..........

Ed Morrison of Santa Cruz CA - 320

Hey Gang

I wanted to share some images from the Bob's Sporting Goods 10 Day on the American Angler. We had a really great trip with San and the Crew where I had the pleasure to fish with a group of really cool anglers. We had ripper fishing on the 80 - 125 lb Units of Yellowfin Tuna on the Sardine and the Kite was on Absolute Fire. We had an angry rolling ocean when we cleared Pt Loma, then the weather came around with tank top weather.

We had two days to travel to the Lower Banks. Sam was fired up to go hunting and he laid out a good game plan for the group. Big Fish was on the Brain for everyone on board where were all pretty geeked to pull on a good one. We shot a BLine down the beach toward the Southern Banks. We did get a chance to fill the cooler for a few Reds and our First Cow for the trip.

Tackle Seminar

A Big Thanks to the following Sponsors for the trip. Bob Hoose from Berkeley, Ron from Pelaic, Matt Salas with Salas Lures, and Mike Naoe of Bob's Sporting Goods for the Beautiful Custom Wrapped Rod.

Uncle Larry and Dad

Our first day on the grounds Sam got the Kite out in full speed action. If they ever gave out Black Belts to Kite Fisherman, Sam would have earned his belt. He was on absolute fire where he would hooked one before he handed the rod off down below. "KiteMaster Sam" - Deadly. "

Whatcha you Cookin with Sam????" "I am Cooking with GAS Brother!!!"

It was good fishing for the Market Grade 80 - 100 Plus Lbs Yellowfin. Flyline a Sardine, Sinker Gimmick, Balloon, Kite....The fish were biting and everyone got to pull on the nice fish. My friend Chris hooked into one of the larger units.......

Chris on a Nice One



Captain Chris - Sluggo

Joe Rubio of Sacramento hooked and landed a Cow at the end of the day. He never lost his cool and made it look real easy. Man, what a stud at 81 years old. Well Done Joe. Check out the rest of the Gang all doing the Macho Man Pose with their Trophy Catches.

81 Years Young Joe Rubio - 218 Yellowfin

A Nice Kodak Moment

Sam was The Man on the kite.


Are you talking to me???? Are you talking to me???


Bob's Sporting Goods 10 Day Charter November 2009

Happy Hour

Good One - JW

I hate to report, but we did have a number of Heart Breaks on the Big Fish Grounds. You have to have a few casualties when playing the game on the grounds. Here are a few shots of a big battle Uncle Larry had with a Beast. When it was all over, Larry bounced back and was getting another bait out for a chance to hook another big one.

Harry and Sarkis, the Avet Brothers were on board with a few new little toys for the group to check out. Harry landed this 195 lb Beauty on the new HX Raptor which provides a Huge amount of Drag for such a little HX sized Reel. The Raptors come in smaller sizes and will be available in the local tackle stores soon.

Grease on the Water

It was late in the afternoon and Ed Morrison soaked a bait off the stern of the Angler. It was a long soak where his bait was practially out past Cedros Island. With one leg over the cap rail, Ed waited patently until he got bit. He said the Tuna bit way out - way outside where the Big Fish were giving us a show. On the 100 lb Blackwater Fluorocarbon. With the outstanding help from Captain Ray, Ed was able to land the Fish of a Lifetime. Well Done!!!!!!!

Captain Ray Ed Morrison and the SuperCow - 320

Ken Anderson -

Time to go

Before we left for the Barn, we passed a few scoops of Bait off to the Excel. They had a few more days to spend offshore and we had plenty of bait to share. I saw my friend Bob Hoose on board and they were having a great trip.

Jackpot Line Up

Ed Morrison and Captain Sam - Jackpot

Keep in tuned with the offshore reports on the American Angler Website. If were on the trip and have any pictures to share, email to me at I will post pictures on the Website.

Some folks will hit up the fish processing services in Pt Loma. I like to bring the fish home and have my buds help clean our catch. Once the fish are all cut up, we divide up the piles of fish and distribute the catch throughout the local community. Spreading the love is always good for all. Ron came down to the landing to help take home some fish, and my good friends Kenny, Greg, and Mike helped cut up the catch. We we done in a few hours in time for lunch.

Kenny - Lunch time

Thank you Sam and the Crew of the American Angler. The service provided for the trip was the usual A#1. Makin it Happen Captain!!!!! A Standing O to Lori Patella for everything she has done for us for the trip. Everyone deserves a big High Five.

And Finally, Many thanks to all of the participants who joined us for the 10 day adventure. I met some really great people who I hope to fish with again. Check out the Angler 2010 Schedule for my 1.5 Day Charter (Curtis Rosenthal) in June and the Bob's Sporting Goods 1-5 Day trip in July.

Happy Holidays.

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