Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cruz and Rosa Thurs/Fri

Channel Islands "Fhatty"

From: Greg Stoney []
Saturday, September 05, 2009 9:17 PM
Robert N. Hara; March, Tim; Phil Lindholm; Todd Phillips

Cruz and Rosa Thurs/Fri

What's Up Guys,

Dave Rich and I escaped the heat and fished his rig last Thursday and yesterday. We started out around Chinese for one fish, then ran up the front and around to Christys for a couple more then we got a tip from a bro and made a late afternoon run across to Rosa where we got a couple of more good ones. We jammed back to Forneys for the night and rafted up with a couple of other boats and proceeded to bbq, put away a few jack n' cokes and talk story. The anchorage was pretty nice overnight but right outside the potato patch was in full effect with 6'-8' footers stacking up. The next morning we started out above Christys for one fish, then the sharks got on us quickly.

The channel to Rosa looked like it mellowed a bit so we shot across to Skunk pt and started fishing. The current was ripping against the wind which screwed up the drift, so we tied on 1 lb balls and power drifted with the kicker. This semi bounce ball deal was the shit!, over the next few hours we put on 11 more fish and just about plugged the boat. We had to meet the buyer at 2 so we stopped at 12 and blasted back down the backside. We ended up with a number of fatties, including a 43# (a new biggest for me) and a bunch between 25#-38#.

Also, I went out on the 'Jack last Tues to Capa to try and find a yellow, I had one bite on the yo yo all day but it was a 33# yellow, so that was cool.


Gettin It Done. Another Great Report from the Northern Fishing Grounds. Thanks G

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