Tuesday, January 20, 2009

182# YFT Caught on a Blue/White 6X

Dr. Corey Burak on the American Angler

Hey Gang

I got this email from Matt on an outstanding catch on a recent trip on the American Angler. Check it out

From: mattsalas@originalsalaslures.com
Subject: Fwd: Photos of the 182# YFT Caught on a Blue/White 6X (from Gary Teraoka)
Date: Monday, January 19, 2009, 4:28 PM

Hi Matt,

Thank you again for supporting my Jan 2009 Accurate sponsored American Angler trip. The passengers really enjoyed your jigs. There was even some bartering for the Pink 6X Jr. One was also used to catch one of the two Wahoo.

Dr. Corey Burak (orthopedic surgeon) got a 182# YFT with his own Blue/White 6X. Enclosed are a couple of photos that I took. I thought that you might consider using one of them for next years 2010 Bill Roecker calendar photo. I will copy Dr. Corey Burak on this e-mail, if you want to get in touch with him. Corey did tell me that he had no objections if you wanted to use my photo of him and his YFT. The third photo (#5612) includes deckhand Bobby (aka Bubbles) who gave Corey a little assistance in landing this big jig fish on a undersized outfit. Also the treble hook broke (during extraction by the crew), so I have the actual 6X jig that Corey used, and he would like to get a new hook installed. Preferably a single hook.

Thanks again, Gary Teraoka

Whoa!!!! What a biggie on the Iron. Thanks for the story Matt and Gary

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