Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old Time's .. Very Old Time's Indeed.. :)

Mike Sakasegawa and Brian Kiyohara
On the Royal

From: Sakasegawa, Mike
Date: June 2008
Subject: Old Time's .... Very Old Time's Indeed.... :)
To:, Mike Naoe

Bob…here's the pics of Brian I promised…. Sorry they're not in such good shape. Back when these were taken, they had these things called Polaroids, and someone owned the shots…..

Here's the shots with Brian in them. We were both skinny dudes once upon a time…. But as you can tell, he was more the stud than I….

Here's the shot of my 200lb Kamikaze on a 50 wide single speed on a Calstar 655xxh. This fish won the jackpot I embarrassed to say… On the other hand, I was the only one that decided not to go to sleep like Frank LoPreste said, and the only one stupid enough to use a 2 foot long scad. Frank said it was strange looking 200….looked a lot larger when we actually brought it on board, versus its actual weigh-in at the dock.

Here's a shot of the results of my "once-in-a-lifetime" night/morning at Roca Partida. A 150, 155, 175 Kamikaze that shook the gaff and fought for another 2 hours, and the 200 Kamikaze on the scad that started the all night/morning bite.

No worries on the Quality of the pics Mike.
What really counts is the content of the pictures.
Single Speed and No Spectra........
I need to stream some Earth Wind and Fire and we would be Full Speed Old School.


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