Saturday, May 19, 2007

Trip #39 The American Angler

Wed 5.16.2007
1.5 Day Trip
American Angler
Pt. Loma CA

Hello SportsFans

Yellow on the Iron

We had a great trip this week aboard the American Angler out of Point Loma CA. It was the "Intro to the AA" Opener. The weather was a bit up on the outside, so we stayed on the beach and made a short jump south of the Border down to the Coronados for a good day of yellowtail fishing. This was the first official trip for the Angler for 07, and what a great way to kick off the year. Sam Patella was at the helm and provided the group a very nice long range experience for the new faces on board. Eric Ball and his guys from Dodge joined our group of real estate friends for a good day in the office.

Tony and Ray
What Up? Do you like Tigers Mang?

The offseason winter-izing of the boat really showed off when we stepped on board. TheAngler looked liked it rolled off a showroom floor....New deck, tinted windows in the Galley, new carpet and upholstery, bucket seats and 4 on the floor....22 inch rims..........Platinum Grill up front.....she was good to go!!!!!

Dodge Power
Thanks Tony

We anchored up on the lee of the island for a good night rest, and made our way to the RockPile to join the fleet in the early hours of Thursday Morning. There was life in the area with a lite breeze on the water and the birds working. The day started out with Ernie Wolfe on a good size Bonito, then we started to get bit on the Micro RockFish on the Iron. The Barracuda moved in as well. StovePipes. Good sign to start out with...The FoodChain started to come alive. By Mid Morning. we had several nice flurries of YellowTail and we started to pick away. The yellows bit the Flylined Sardines, YoYo Iron, and the surface plug. Even on the litelined dropper loop.

Todd Garrett
Dropper Loop

Bust a Move. Sam pulled anchor when the conditions went slack. "I don't feel the love anymore. So kick back while we look around the edge and see what we can find." We rolled over to South Island to find the birds and current, resulting in more biting fish for the group. What a great day!!!! The group had a blast hooking fish. Everyone got to pull on a yellow.

Jesse and John Calder
YoYo Salas Yellow

George Campbell
YoYo Salas Yellow

Gary Bechtel and Dave Christensen
Raffle Rod Winners

Ernie Wolfe
On the Prowl.....

Captain Chris
Wut are you up to Mr. Hara?

George and Vince
Havin a GoodDay

B Hara, G Stoney, and T Garrett
Man I look like a DORK.....

Not to discount the bite, but the biggest foamer of the day was on the afternoon snack. Paul and Greg prepared a pile of Calbi ShortRibs custom made by Angler regular Scott Okamura. Simply Out of Control!!!!!! We all thank you for the donation Scott.

What a great trip. That just about sums it all up. A really good day of local yellowtail fishing on an awesome Long Range Boat.

We want to thank Matt Salas for his generous donation of Original Salas Lures for the trip, Mr. Bob Hoose from Berkley for the awesome gear we handed out to the group, Mike Naoe from Bob's Sporting Goods for the beautiful custom wrapped Calstar GG90 JigStick we raffled off. The rod was won by Mr Gary Bechtel of Laguna Beach CA. Dave Christenson of San Francisco CA was the lucky raffle winner of the graphite rod donated by Berkley. Huge Thanks to the crew of The American Angler. Big hugs from all to the Big Boss Lori Patella for all of the hard work in the Office. Final Thanks to my brothers Greg Stoney, Captain Chris Rydgren, and Todd Garrett for hooking and handing off fish to the group. Hats off to you guys.

I can't forget to say "Thank You Very Much" to my Grand Pooh Bah David Rosenthal, my partner in crime in the Commercial Real Estate Appraisal world (Curtis Rosenthal Inc) for giving me the time off out of the office to take a few clients out for a "Just Another Great Day out in the Field" This will be an annual charter for us on the Angler so stay tuned for details for 08.....

Catch you on the rebound........SeeYa

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